Sculpting Season 2018 - 2019


The Art of Delivering Surprising Realities during its Stone and Bronze Workshops is highly connected to Global Stone Workshop.

Participants in GSW activities get in touch with worlds quite different from their own.

It’s like landing in Wonderland through a “Rabbit Hole”

Following a Virtual Alice, Participants find themselves in places where “neither Dimensions nor Local People are the Usual Ones”. Participants creativity is the only connection between these worlds and the ones they master.

This is true not least in India and it’s probably the reason why nearly half of GSW Participants come back to Mamallapuram year after year.

2018 – 2019 GSWs’ sculpting season starts in India, followed by Vietnam, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Italy and ends, where it started, in India.


India, Spain & Italy

Mr. Stefano Beccari

An Enthusiastic Organiser and Risk-Taking Stone Lover.

  • “Make Art in India” at “Creative Sculptors” in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu
  • At Albalate Del Arzobispo, Zaragoza, Spain

Spain & Morocco

Mr. Jon Sait

For me, working stone by hand is one life’s great pleasures. It slows you down until your heart beats in rhythm with the hammer. I have carved stone for thirty years. Stone is generous, and has gifted me true friends around the world. When I’m not carving, I work as a researcher in tribal art, and as a community worker in Wales and Uganda.

  • At “Studio Golondrina”, Aragon.
  • At Taroudant, Sous Valley Morocco.


Mrs. Anna Löwdin and Mr. Sergio Perea

  • lead workshops in Uppsala


Ms. Phan Quynh Huong

  • “Danang Sculpture Foundation” in the city of Danang.


Mr. Moisés Preto Paulo

  • at “Centro Internacional de Escultura” in Odrinhas, Sintra.

Every leader has its own preferences, visions and qualifications

…that makes our workshops much more interesting