The Centro Internacional de Escultura (CIE) is a cultural organisation open to artists from all nationalities and to the public in general.

Our aims are to create the conditions to the development and appreciation of Portuguese Sculpture, materials and techniques.

We promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences through a dialogue between Artists and Art Professionals

By organising stone carving courses, workshops, exhibitions and residencies, we have been building an awareness to sculpture in a cultural interested public.

Additional details

The “Centro Internacional de Escultura”, (CIE) invites you to two open-end stone carving workshops starting on June 19 and October 02, 2017

The CIE makes available several well set-up workspaces. The working area is clean and tidy, with all spaces sheltered by roof and walls. Representatives of the CIE are available to give support for purchasing stone, wood crates, etc. Sculpting classes could be provided during workshops.

Fees and details

Accommodations are in private rooms in the hamlet of Odrinhas, 8 km from the famous Royal Town of Sintra, 35 km from Lisbon.

Pick up at the airport for 40€. For more information and booking please get in touch with Art Master Moises Preto Paulo, the Founder of the CIE

The workshop fee is 300Euro/week. Includes accommodations (6 nights), individual workspace (6 days) and a medium sized block of marble/ limestone. Hand and electric tools are available (2 power tools for 50 Euro/week).


At all stone and bronze workshops organised by Global Stone Workshop each Participant rents an individual working space of 4 m2. Global Stone Workshop takes no responsibility whatsoever for accidents that may occur during the Participants working time… Participants sculpt at their own risk. Participants are also responsible for damages they might cause others. Global Stone Workshop recommends all Participants to buy a Personal Accident Insurance Policy in their own country… if they don’t have one already.